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Project: Removal of Moss which contains asbestos. The works included the initial removal using small floor scrapers and then jet washing the areas for final cleaning.  The works also included removal of all the asbestos containing moss from the gutters.

The presence of asbestos fibres in moss that has grown on asbestos cement corrugated roofing is an issue that necessitates careful consideration, particularly for business owners and property managers in the UK. Asbestos cement roofing, once a common sight due to its resilience and resistance to fire, becomes a potential health hazard as it ages, especially when moss begins to accumulate.

Moss thrives in damp environments and can retain moisture, which exacerbates the degradation of asbestos cement roofing. This degradation can lead to the entrapment of asbestos fibres within the moss itself. When this moss becomes disturbed—be it through natural weathering, building maintenance, or deliberate removal—the risk of asbestos fibre release into the environment increases significantly. If these fibres find their way into the moss and the moss is then dislodged, it can lead to contamination of the ground surrounding the building, creating a potential exposure risk.

This scenario underlines the importance of regular maintenance and cleaning of asbestos cement roofs to prevent moss accumulation. Regular removal of moss not only serves to maintain the structural integrity of the roof but also significantly reduces the risk of asbestos fibre release, thereby protecting the health of those within and around the property.

However, it’s crucial that the process of moss removal is undertaken with great care, adhering strictly to safety guidelines. In the UK, the handling and disposal of asbestos-containing materials are governed by rigorous regulations. Therefore, the cleaning of asbestos cement roofs should ideally be performed by professionals who are trained and equipped to deal with asbestos safely. These professionals employ specialised equipment and techniques to remove moss without disturbing the underlying asbestos, ensuring that fibres are not released into the air during the process.

Moreover, the contaminated moss must be disposed of in a manner compliant with UK regulations, ensuring that it does not pose a risk to public health or the environment. Businesses must also consider the implementation of a routine inspection schedule for their asbestos cement roofs. Regular inspections can help in the early detection of moss growth and any signs of roof damage, facilitating timely intervention and potentially averting more significant issues down the line.

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