asbestos removal cleared ground
cleared ground where asbestos cement was removed.

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal

Project: Removal of Asbestos Floor Tiles and Adhesive, including background and air clearance certification on completion

Description: Operatives carried out the safe removal of all asbestos containing materials from the floor tiles and adhesive at Knauf Insulation, Stafford Rd, Saint Helens WA10 3LZ

The works included initially dampening down all asbestos floor tile materials. Once the site team were happy that the area was dampended down, the operatives carefully and in a methodical manner removed all the floor tiles and adhesive with hand held floor scrapers.  The asbestos tiles were double bagged and sealed with duct tape and disposed of at a licensed landfill facility. The works included working in a live environment/factory area. Asbestos background, asbestos personal and asbestos air clearificates were provided to the Client on completion.

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