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Asbestos Removal Manchester

Project: Removal of asbestos containing cement corrugated roof from  Neptune Mill, 64 Chapeltown St, Manchester M1 2WQ

Glenbarrow Asbestos Removal is the quintessential specialist for asbestos abatement in Stockport, particularly renowned for their expertise in handling complex projects such as the large-scale removal of asbestos cement fibre roofs. A testament to their prowess is the meticulously executed project at Neptune Mill in Manchester, where they successfully removed an asbestos cement roof for a Commercial Workspace Company. This operation exemplified the precision and care required in asbestos removal, employing semi-controlled conditions and the application of suitable wetting agents to ensure the safe and methodical eradication of hazardous materials.

Asbestos cement corrugated roofs, a prevalent feature in buildings from the mid-20th century, were favoured for their durability, fire resistance, and cost-effectiveness. Commonly used in industrial buildings, warehouses, and farm outbuildings, these roofing materials became a staple due to their ability to provide robust, weatherproof coverings with minimal maintenance. However, the discovery of asbestos’s health risks, particularly its link to serious respiratory conditions, marked a significant shift in the perception and usage of asbestos-containing materials.

The inherent dangers associated with asbestos fibres necessitate a specialised approach to their removal, especially in the case of corrugated roofing. The material’s friability and the potential for fibre release during disturbance mean that only experienced professionals should undertake such tasks. Glenbarrow Ltd stands out in this regard, bringing over two decades of specialised experience to the table. Their comprehensive understanding of asbestos-related hazards, coupled with a rigorous adherence to safety protocols and regulations, ensures that every removal project is conducted with the utmost precision and care.

Choosing a specialist like Glenbarrow for the removal of asbestos-based materials is not just a matter of compliance with health and safety standards; it is a critical decision for ensuring the long-term safety of building occupants and the surrounding environment. Their expertise extends beyond mere removal; it encompasses a thorough risk assessment, methodical planning, and the implementation of controlled removal practices designed to minimise exposure and prevent contamination.

In conclusion, the specialised skills and extensive experience of Glenbarrow Asbestos Removal make them the definitive choice for managing asbestos cement corrugated roofs and other asbestos-containing materials. Their proven track record, exemplified by the successful project at Neptune Mill, underscores their capability to handle complex asbestos removal tasks, ensuring safety, compliance, and peace of mind for their clients.

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